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Don’t want to wear your heart on your sleeve, but rather on your bag, backpack, shirt or Cap? Now you can with Design by Me buttons!
Add detail to your wedding day or some fun to your birthday invite. Order a variety of beautiful button badges from our pre-designed range or request to have a custom button badge designed just for you.

Pin Badge Printing – we can print button pins and round badges, in full colour print or in black and white. There are three standard sizes of button and badge pins; they are 25mm, 37mm and 56mm diameter. 
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Create your very own coffee range with our premium quality custom packed coffees.

Personalized coffee is an excellent gift for that corporate client that needs an early pick-me-up or that best friend that you miss and want to have coffee with. You can use them as wedding or party favours, give them away as gifts or use them for fundraising. Your personalized coffee favours are sure to be a conversation piece. Plus, they’re something guests most certainly will use and enjoy after the event.

The coffees are supplied in a variety of packaging, ranging from portion packs ground for filter machines (eg 90g) to beans for espresso machines in kilogram packs. For the retail market, a foil pack with non-return valve ensures that the coffee stays fresh for longer on the shelf. Just let us know which size you’d prefer and what design you’d like on your label.

The coffee is roasted and only grinded once an order is placed, thus ensuring that you’ll receive only the freshest of coffee.
Due to the personalised nature of our specialty coffees, not only can you obtain single- or blended coffees, but a much broader variety of blends can be achieved than that on offer from the commercial coffee market. Please feel free
to e-mail us and enquire about our different coffees. We can even recommend blends that’ll suite different
personality styles…Send all your friends a special gift this year, your very own personalized coffee!

Already have the coffee and would only like to have personalized labels? No problem, just send
us an e-mail and we’ll start with your design process.
Request a Quote Non-Alcoholic Bubbly, Sparkling wine, Champagne, Own bubbly, Personalized bubbly, Personalized champagne, personalized Sparkling, Custom label designs, babyshower gifts, babyshower ideas, babyshower drinks, babyshower labels, Pink babyshowers, No alcohol, alcohol free

Our Personalized Non-Alcoholic Bubbly is perfect for those that love to drink a glass or 6 of bubbly but don’t want to consume any alcohol. It comes in a Champagne bottle, with popping cork, but has no alcohol, no added sugar and no colorants, just pure fun.


Perfect for expecting moms; spoil her at her baby shower with a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly. We’ll help you to design your very own label.  With our Non-Alcoholic bubbly even kids can have a glass of bubbly at their parties, just let us know their party theme and we’ll design the label accordingly.
Worried that you need to get something stylish for your wedding table, don’t want to put a jug of fruit juice on each table? Now you don’t have to worry, with our Non-Alcoholic bubbly, your wedding tables will look elegant and stylish and each bottle will have your own private label on them.

Want to give personalized wine as end of the year thank you gifts, but wondering what to give that client that doesn’t drink alcohol? Why not have us design a personalized label thanking them for all their support and send them a bottle of Non-Alcoholic bubbly. They will be amazed at your thoughtfulness and tell everyone of your great gift…
Celebrate in style, open a bottle of non-Alcoholic bubbly and enjoy!
 Already have the bottle of wine or Non-Alcoholic Bubbly and only looking for labels? Not a problem, contact us for a quote, we’re always ready to help.
Non-Alcoholic, no alcohol, alcohol free, Save for pregnant women Olives, Olive oil, Extra virgin olive oil, cold press olive oil, own olive oil labels, Design by Me Olives
Olive Oil is healthy, delicious and now with the help of Design by Me, you can have your very own Olive Oil range.

It makes a great gift for weddings, corporate clients, birthdays etc.

You can choose between 500 ml or 1L dark glass bottles. The olive oil is a blend between 80% Frantoyo and 20% Mission.  Its 100% Extra Virgin cold pressed Olive oil.

We’ll help you design your label and you’ll be able to call it your own.
When giving a gift, it’s not the size of the gift that counts, but rather the packaging. As Oprah always say, “Love is in the detail” and that is exactly what Design by Me also believes in.

Here you’ll find a few gift containers and packaging ideas. Remember, you can have any of the following containers personalized to suite your needs.
Ideal for wedding favours, party favours or a Christmas stocking filler. These bottles can be filled with a variety of sweets or with homemade lemonade.
Cookie sleeves
Homemade treats are the best and they make great holiday, birthday, valentine’s and wedding favours , be sure to bake extra-large cookies and individually wrap them for friends and family.
Jars with animals
These containers are excellent for Kids parties or gifts. You can fill them with various edible treats or gifts like stationary.
Clear Utility box - Small
Design a personalized label  for each box and use it as  a gift container or a
party invite for bachelorettes, baby shower, Birthdays or thank you gifts
  87 x 58 x 26mm
bottled water, own water ranges, Personalized water labels, wedding water, water for conferences, bottled water, custom botteld water, still water, corporate water, birthday parties, promotional gifts, corporate branding on bottles Bottled Water
 Already have  your own olive oil and only looking for labels?
Not a problem, contact us for a quote, we’re always ready to help.
Planning a celebration such as wedding, birthday or special event? Serve up the perfect touch for your occasion with personalized bottle water. Cheers!
Why promote someone else’s brand when you can promote your own? Personalized bottle water. Simple. Inexpensive. Effective. Seriously, need we say more?
When do you need personalized bottle water?
 Corporate retreats
 Conferences
 Weddings
 Proms
 Birthday parties
 Sporting events
 Trade shows
 Family reunions
 Anniversaries
 Street fairs
 Rallies
 Festivals
 Sidewalk sales
… any event goes better with custom bottled water!
Just want the labels? We can help create your own water bottle label with our in-house art department. Just contact us for  a quote.
Request a Quote
Plastic Screw Top Bottles
Glass Jars, Gift Ideas, Animal gifts, Kids gifts, Gift containers Personalized cookies, Personalized Gift wrappers, treats
Already have the cookie sleeves or containers and only looking for personalized labels? Not a problem, contact us  for a free quote.
Already have the containers and only looking for personalized gift labels? Not a problem, Contact us for a free quote.
Already have the containers and only looking for personalized gift labels? Not a problem, Contact us for a free quote.
Already have the bottle and only looking for Personalized  labels?
Not a problem, contact us  for a free quote.
Bottle with Screw top Personalized bottle with screw top Personalized Conainer with screw top 250ml
“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa
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