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Design by Me can help you find your Identity, establish your brand and create marketing plans so that you can stay ahead in the business and become recognized by all.  Our help ranges from consultation to implementation.

Beginning with logo design or using an existing logo that you have, we will design your corporate identity. Design by Me keeps your company’s product, services and target markets in mind, so that your company image is in line with the market that you are targeting. With your input and preferences we will help you to define your companies’ image across your printed media and other branding.

You can either consult with us, let us help brainstorm ideas with you or you can have us help hands on with the designing and implementation of your plans. The choice is yours –  Design by Me is always ready to help. Your corporate identity will be supplied in a printable format and electronic format, the file types we can supply are Corel Draw JPG and PDF.
Your business card isn’t just a little piece of paper; it is a reminder of who you are and what you can do.

With the help of Design by Me you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression that is sure to impress.

You can request a free quote just send us  your order and we’ll get right back to you.
Even with the increasing popularity of the Internet
and email, companies still make use of letterheads.

A professional letterhead design is probably one of
the most important investments you can make
towards your company's perceived professionalism
and branding among prospective and existing
customers and suppliers.  

Design by Me can provide you  with your own tailor designed letterhead.
99 x 210 mm - Full Colour, Single or Double sided with no folds Design By Me, Corporate design Brochures, Brochure designs, Personalized Brochures, Art Brochures, Music show Brochures, Wine estate Brochures, Wine Brochures, Wine estate brochures, shop brochures, Brochures in all colours and designs, black and white designs, Full colour brochures, Double sided brochures, gloss finish brochures, design and print and courier Brochure sizes A4, DLL, DDLL
Your Brochure works hand in hand with your business card. The design of your brochure could drastically influence how a prospective client perceives your business. Reliable and experienced designers can be hard to find, unless you know where to look. With the help of
Design by Me you can now choose between the DLL,  Double DLL and A4 type of Brochures.
Posters are a great way to advertise your business, promote an event, offer as a souvenir, sell from shops or make a strong statement. You can get your posters printed in A1, A2 and A3 sizes with a gloss finish that grabs the eye.

Printed flyers are a very effective marketing tool for your business or event. An catching flyer can send a message that really sells your product, event or service. You can have your full coloured flyers printed single or double sided in A4, A5 or A6 sizes.
Please feel free to contact Design by Me for any other design needs you might have including but not limited to;
Advertising Cards
Gift Vouchers
Compliment Slips
Branded Flags
Product Lists
Vehicle Branding
Price list designs
Office File Tags
For all your design Needs
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