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What is the Design Packages?
Design by Me believes in giving clients the best options available when it comes to designing, printing and the budget. That is why we’ve given you two design packages to choose from.
Design Package 1 is where you receive the finished product; it includes everything from designing, printing and shipping.
Design Package 2 is where you receive the artwork from us and print your project yourself. We do the designing & you do the printing at home.

I’ve chosen Design Package 2 - Print my own Project, how do I print @ home?
Once we have designed your artwork we will send you your designs in a PDF file format, follow these steps:
  - Open the PDF file using your Adobe reader. If you do not have adobe reader, please download it from  Adobe’s website.
  - Go to File->Print and keep the following printer settings and tips in mind:
      - Test orientation so you print on the correct side.
       - Printer is set to highest resolution.
       - The paper size is correct for whatever you are printing.
       - Photo printers sometimes support borderless printing but most other printers do not. This results in your card having a 1/8 to 1/4 inch white border.
         You can easily trim this away if needed.
       - Choose the correct medium source (photo paper, card stock etc.).

What are the benefits of Design Package 1 vs. Design Package 2?
Design Package 1 = Design, print and shipped by Design by Me
     Easy! We do all the work for you. Especially if you’re planning a huge event, the last thing you want to worry about is putting everything together; we’ll handle everything from start to finish, leaving you with one perfect final product. Once you place your order, you will have your products within 3 weeks. Professional printing ensures bright, vivid colours and perfect finishing touches. Costing = Designing fee + Printing fee + Shipping fee.

Design Package 2 = We design and you Print @ Home
A great solution when you need your product right away. You can print them at home or take them to a print shop. Works well as a proof to see what your cards will look like. Pint one at home to preview. Perfect to have a lasting digital keepsake of your design or to email to family and friends. Costing = Designing fee

What are the Design fees and Setup fees?
The choice is yours, you can have us do the design work for you and pay our design fee of R75.00 per hour or you can submit your own designs in Corel Draw, PDF, and Photoshop format and only pay a setup fee of R37.50 per hour. The designing fee of R75.00 per hour is for designs created from scratch and already includes the setup fee, should you wish to use any of our design examples and only personalize it with a name, date or quote the setup fee of R37.50 per hour will apply. Design fees and setup fees DO NOT APPLY to Pre-designed stickers, wall art, sticker décor and labels.

I want to submit my own designs, what now?
You are more than welcome to submit your own designs in one of the following file formats; Corel Draw, 300dpi Pdf or PhotoShop. A setup fee of R37.50 per hour will still be applicable to ensure everything is print ready. Should you submit your designs in any other file format such as word, PowerPoint etc. the design fee of R75.00 per hour will be applicable to recreate your designs in a print ready format. Unfortunately we cannot print from any of the Microsoft office products due to the way in which the files are created, it is not compatible with our printing methods. We will have to recreate your artwork in an industry standard design program such as Corel Draw, PhotoShop etc…

Do you keep my artwork on file?
Yes we do. If you require more products in future, and the artwork stays the same, we will only charge you for the printing and delivery cost as we will have the artwork.

Can I make changes to my artwork before I print again in future?
Yes, you can. We are happy to make adjustments to your artwork on future print runs. We will then only charge you a minimum artwork fee for changes.

How to Order?
Browse the website, fall in love with all Design by Me products and make a list of all the things you want to order, fill in the quote form: Product type, quantity, single or double sided, full colour or black white, size in mm as well as any other features you may require. Wait for our e-mail and proceed with your 50% deposit, send us the proof of payment and then we can start with your order.

How do I Pay?
All payments can be done via EFT’s and please remember to email us the proof of payment, your signed quote and confirmation of delivery address. We will then send you a tax invoice to confirm that we’ve received payment. We require a 50% deposit on acceptance of a quote and before any design work can be started. The rest of the outstanding amount must be paid before we deliver your order.

Will I be able to see my designs before you print them?
We believe in personalized service and that is why we will always e-mail you a proof so that you can be 100% sure about your final artwork. Should your deadline allow it and you’d like to have us mail you an actual proof of the labels we’ll do our best and arrange for you to have an actual proof just to be sure it is exactly what you want.

When will I receive my proof?
Once we received your proof of payment for your deposit as well as all the information regarding your designs, we will create your artwork and e-mail a proof to you. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for the initial proof and roughly 12 hours for any changes thereafter.

I’ve spotted a problem with my proof – can I make changes?
Yes, another proof will then be emailed for your approval before print. We allow for 1 set of revisions after the initial proof, additional changes may be charged extra. Obviously, if the problem is our fault, we’ll sort it out free of charge.

Can I use an image off my website on my printing?
In most cases; No. The resolution of artwork for printing should at least be 300dpi to create high quality printing. Most websites images are only 72dpi and will print “fuzzy”. If supplying your own artwork, please ensure a minimum of 300dpi. If small text is used, we recommend a minimum file size of 600dpi.

How long does it take to deliver my product to me?
We always strive to get your products to you as quickly as possible; all times are approximate and standard orders are not guaranteed by a specific date. Because each item is made specifically for you, your order will take around 15 business days + shipping time. Our turnaround time starts after receiving proof of payment and from time of artwork approval. Due to the nature of printing, there are sometimes factors beyond our control which may affect turnaround time. We will always keep you updated and let you know about the process. Turnaround time is calculated from the time we receive the artwork approval, Monday to Friday are our standard working days. We are able to produce certain items quicker depending on our current production schedule at the time you place your order, but rush fees may apply. *IMPORTANT when ordering multiple items, the item with the longest delivery time frame will apply to the entire order.

What are your Shipping/Handling fees & what shipping services do you use?
We deliver all orders using registered mail or an accredited and professional courier service. Your printed products, Wall Art etc will be delivered to your nearest post office. You will receive a tracking number on dispatch of your order. As most of our items are considered large parcels they'll need to be collected from the counter. All Glass items will be couriered to your door due to the fact that no glass may be sent via postal services. Please feel free to specify on your request a quote form, which type of shipping you’d prefer

What is your shipping policy?
We make every effort to get your items to you quickly and efficiently. We ask that you please double check your shipping address as additional shipping charges will apply if your package is returned to us for an invalid or incomplete address. Once an order is placed and in the warehouse for processing, we cannot change the shipping information. Signatures are required on some packages; failure to sign can result in the package being returned to us. We will not be held responsible for incurring the fee on returned packages or for shipping the item back to you, so additional fees will apply.  Since we have no control over the shipping carrier, if your item is damaged in the mail, please keep your damaged package so that we can file a claim. We also do not refund Rush or delivery fees for late deliveries due to acts of nature which include tornado, hurricane, snow, ice storms etc...) If this happens, call us immediately for further instructions. You must have an authorized return number provided by Design by Me and we charge a 15% restocking fee and we will NOT refund your shipping/handling charges- no exceptions. If you choose to wave the signature and have the packaged delivered when you are not home, it will be your responsibility to pay for the cost of remaking and reshipping the item.

Can I return my items if I do not like the product or colours I choose?
We regret at this time that we do not accept refunds or exchanges on any personalized items, or for the dislike of your colour choice. Every order we process is done on a custom basis so if you have any doubt about what you are ordering we can gladly send you a sample. Since we only print after you’ve signed off your proof, we strongly suggest you carefully PROOF READ your order. We will not be responsible for re-printing an order you have designed, entered or sent incorrectly.

Can I request samples or a proof of your products?
We want our customers to be satisfied with the quality of our products or to be able to colour match for a specific event. Therefore, we will gladly send out up to 5 different free stock samples of our labels, once you’ve placed your order and paid your deposit. We always want to insure that the colour is what you expected. Email, info@designbyme.co.za with your name, address, and the colours that you would like to see. Customers needing rush samples must pay shipping fees. Due to the nature of our printing process, equipment changes & set up times, we are unable to print all your specific artwork, logo or wording on any of our samples. Creating a proof like this would become too costly to justify. We are also unable to ship samples of any of the personalized gifts.

Why does my order get charged prior to shipping?
Since all of our orders are custom & done on an individual basis, we must charge as they come in on the web, fax, phone or mail.

What if my items are misprinted or damaged in shipping?
If your order is misprinted or damaged, please return your print job so we can find out what went wrong. If we deem the problem a manufacturing defect (i.e. a fault on our side) we will happily replace the EXACT order you placed and promptly ship it to you. You do not have the option to alter wording, colour choice etc…However Design by Me will not be responsible for design flaws on jobs not designed by us. Including but not limited to, colour issues, typos, resolution issues or not enough bleed for cutting etc…We are committed to make your item exactly as you specify (unless it is a special request we are unable to accommodate) therefore, we keep a printed sample of each item we make. We are then able to go back and review the item if there is an issue with an order. Since we have no control over the shipping carrier, if your item is damaged in the mail, please keep your damaged package so that we can file a claim. Call us immediately for further instructions. We are not responsible for refunding shipping and handling charges. If you return any items, you must have an authorized return number provided by Design by Me and we charge a 15% restocking fee and we will NOT refund your shipping/handling charges- no exceptions.

What are the wall art, décor stickers made of?
Our wall art is cut from premium quality, matte finish, self-adhesive vinyl. It is proudly Produced in South Africa. It will appear to be painted on the wall after application. This can be used in wet and dry areas and should not fade or damage.

How do I apply quotations, Wall Art Décor stickers?
Step by step instructions will be sent to you with each of your orders. Should you wish to make sure you’ll be able to apply your wall art before ordering, drop us an e-mail
info@designbyme.co.za with any questions and we’d be happy to help.

Make sure your surface is smooth, clean and dry (Wipe with a dry cloth)
Place the corner of your sticker carefully on your chosen surface; always apply from one side to prevent air bubbles.
Keep the rest of the sticker away from the wall and gently apply it to the surface, working from the initial side towards the other side, peeling it from the backing sheet as you go.
Use your hand, a ruler or credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.
Using a hair dryer to heat up the vinyl will help it stick better. Keep the hair dryer about 10cm away while blowing on the part you are sticking down.
This also works well when removing your stickers.
Love your stickers!! Rub it down every now and then until the glue has settled.

Will the Wall art stickers adhere to any surface?
 The wall art stickers are made of thin material similar to regular stickers and they need some surface to stick. Stucco, brick and some wallpaper are too uneven. The "orange peel" or knockdown walls seem to work fine if they're not too lumpy. The Wall art stickers and letters work great on windows, mirrors, painted walls, wood and metal. Not all wallpapers are created equal. Some have better surfaces than others for our wall art stickers, the same with paint. If the paint has been applied over a primer and is clean and smooth you shouldn't have any problem removing them. If you are applying Wall art or Wall Words to a freshly painted surface, wait at least 3 weeks for the paint to dry and cure completely before applying the Wall Art or Wall Words. A primer coat under your paint will help it stick better.

How do you take the Wall art lettering off?
When you're ready for a new quote or you just want to remove your wall art sticker, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull them off. If they have been up for a couple of years they sometimes harden a little. Lightly heat them up with a hair dryer then they should peel off easily. There may be a slight sticky residue that will come off with rubbing alcohol.

How do I clean around the quote?
Treat your Wall art stickers like you would letters that were hand painted. Carefully wipe with a clean cloth or use a squeegee.

I would like to create a customised design solution for my office or home. Can you help?
Perfect, Design by Me would love to create a custom solution for you. Please send an email to info@designbyme.co.za with your contact information, and a brief description of your design requirements.

Why does everyone love Design by Me Wall Décor?
Design by Me Wall Décor is quick & easy to apply and remove. (Easy to change if your taste changes.)
Design by Me Wall Décor is fun, fast and affordable DIY decorating.
Design by Me Wall Décor wall décor, decorates your home without using messy paint and is a no fuss product. So easy - the kids love it too!
Design by Me Wall Décor is printed on high quality waterproof vinyl, which will last for years.

Can I reuse the wall decal?
Technically all of the vinyl can be reused although we do not recommend it. Things like small/thin lettering is much harder to reuse. Any other website claiming that their vinyl is 100% reusable and can be moved as many times as you want is not telling the entire truth.

Do I have to put each letter on individually?
Absolutely not, that would take forever! All designs come pre-spaced with application tape applied and only take 5-15 minutes to apply.
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